Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stuffed Animal Sleepover at the Library!

Twenty five lucky stuffed animals got to sleep over at the library this week. And boy did they have fun! Take a look at their adventures...

First, they raided the kitchen.
All that sugar helped them stay up late!

Monkey found some new
friends to HANG out with!

Comet, Kitty, and Wubzzy has fun
playing on the computer!

Kelly Bear thought the library needed more pink.
So she cut out some new decorations for us!

Bolt and his new friends found
Miss Danielle's stash of markers!

Teddy went fishing for a late night snack.

But Octiey warned his fishy friends!

It was getting late, so Miss Danielle read
 everyone a silly bedtime story.
Goodnight friends!!!

If your stuffed animal missed the sleepover, don't worry - we are having another one this summer! Check back for details! Thank you to everyone who participated this week.


  1. Stuffed animals in the library have pros and cons. It will kids who are studying in the library to feel relax and not be pressured. But the disadvantage is that it can also make the kids attention be turned to the toys not in the books.

    1. pretty sure these just "spent the night" as a special program and don't belong to the library.
      however, making the library a fun place to visit is always a plus.

  2. That's right. These stuffed animals do not belong to the library. They were just dropped off by our little library patrons for one night to "sleepover" at the library. We took pictures of the animals around the library and created a keepsake booklet for the children to have when they picked up their animal the next day. It was such a success that we are planning to have another Stuffed Animal Sleepover this summer!