Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lizards at the Library!

Yesterday, the library got a visit from Silly Billy of THE LIZARD GUYS! And he didn't come alone. He brought along snakes, a lizard, a turtle, a frog, and even a scorpion! The kids learned all kinds of cool facts while getting an up close look at each creature. And shrieks of delight erupted when it was time to touch the animals (except the scorpion - no touchy!).
Say hello to Jerry, the bull snake

Up close with Jerry, the bull snake

Next, we met a bearded dragon.

Hello bearded dragon!

What a big turtle!

Thanks for bringing all these animals, Silly Billy!

No one minded NOT touching the emperor scorpion.
The albino python was the last
reptile we saw yesterday...
And the biggest!

Thanks again to the Lizard Guys for a fun and educational program!!!

If you want to learn more about our new scaly friends, we have plenty of lizard and snake books in the 597 section! One of Miss Danielle's favorites is Lizards by Nic Bishop. Click on the title to reserve a copy today or call the library at 609-543-6113.

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